New Item "Friendship heart Pin"



 Don't know if anyone reads these. So I'll just put them at the end from now on. The item moves when you are running/jumping etc. but it isn't that noticeable since it's a 20 degree pitch so it might as well be static (up to Valve/Community)

It's kind of ironic since I hate doing low ploy stuff, yet every item I've done is pretty low poly. I just don't like the limitation, and sacrificing art/your vision due to technological limitations. I understand that not everyone can upgrade every 6 months and the whole point is to see people have fun and bring joy to them as a gaming company. Oh well, we'll see what those Euclideons from Australia come up with.

I guess that's it, the main thing about this item is the "Can not be purchased for self" trait. So if you are foreveralone, you can never have this.

Workshop link here 


Scrapped "Balancing Act" ideas for TF2

Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been lazy busy lately. 

The Delivery boy "Yo, you betta have a good tip"
I can think of a few cool weapons to go with this one.

 The dishwasher, pasta or perhaps octopus soup in the top bowl.

Drinks for two* 
I might just do this one for fun to see how it will turn out. I think if I assign one jigglebone per glass and set the values correctly, the glasses will slide from one side to another very slowly. Think Titanic or actually Inception. 

*possible team taunt:

1. Press the taunt button
2. A wild teammate appears
3. A toast to my "sweetheart"
4. Drink up!

Don't know if it's possible to add sounds to hats, but it would be cool to hear bouncing tea cups.

This was going to be for Christmas but I decided against it. The front and back covers and maybe some of the pages would flap up and down. 

This one is similar to the "Perfect Posture" (stack of books) but could be part of a "Naughty Schoolboy" pack. With a Compass or an X-Acto Knife  taped to a ruler as a weapon.
I thought of a cool way to make the straps stretch as the books bounce. Each part of the strap would be assigned to the closest book bone and when the books bounce, the straps would "stretch". The clipping problem would be solved by just making sure there are 2 edge loops per bone on the strap. One on top and one at the bottom of each book.

Also, I wonder if it's possible to make the apple on top roll form side to side with jigglebones. Or maybe just make a simple rolling animation that's controlled by the character's direction. I really wanted to just make a fake poster w/the scout's mom in the background dressed as a "Naughty Schoolgirl" with a spanking paddle in her hand. But I didn't want to cross any lines since there might be (lets say) a guy/lady who does all the kill icons and no one else makes them but him/her, or same thing with posters. Sorry if that sounds weird or doesn't make any sense.

I was going for the "woman carrying water in Africa" look. It would be cool if something like this was made and the proceeds went to

"The Circus Act" The taunt for this item would look really funny.

and finally, some bowling balls. I have never gone bowling and didn't know the holes were not equidistant. I mean it makes sense, but I never thought about it.

...also speaking of balls, a soccer ball would have been cool for the scout with the promo items.

Thanks for reading.



Who said you cannot teach a crab to walk straight?



I hope the Aristophanes reference isn't too abstract. The title of the book is "Peace" which was one of his plays. Also the obvious War/Peace conflict/contrast. And his quote "You cannot teach a crab to walk straight."
I wast originally going to put "The Art of War" or just "War" but I've heard Valves re-textures stuff if they don't like it. [that was my excuse for not burning enough calories during texturing and the fact that I don't want to even look at PS or Illustrator when I come home after work]

As far as the model/rig, there are some minor clipping issues with the bookmarks. If there is ever any interest, I can fix it then. I learned that the angle_constraint does not let you do a lower limit, just a positive value.

As far as physics, the books look like they defy gravity in some poses. I was thinking if there was a way to reverse the gravity affect on the first bone (book1), and set it to rotate the opposite way every time, so the books always look like they're balanced. Currently the 1st book isn't moving.

Also some clipping with the hands (ex. Run_Loser) don't know what to do. I think it happens with other hats too. And during Crab walk.

Misc. stuff

I still need to find a good screen capture software. The "Model Viewer" was acting weird when I was trying to record, or take a screenshot. The physics would reset every time I would start records, same issue with "Record [demoname]. I need to look into that.

One last thing, since I still have not idea what I'm doing, the hit box is completely wrong and the model doesn't fall off of the character when he dies. I need to look into those things... Still experimenting with values and commands.

I really want to get to a point where I know enough so that I can add things like: $after_death_books_fall_on_the_ground_and_open_to_a_page_with_a_picture_of_Saxton_Hale


Scrapped Toy ideas for TF2

These were originally going to be part of the holiday "Toy Drive" pack.


1st TF2 item finished

Just finished my first TF2 item. It's a wind up key that spins slowly. 


I spent the last week battling the qc file, but managed to make it work.

I made a couple of rough taunt animations as well. The ideas is that:

1. If you hit the taunt button while the key is equipped;

2. You "turn off" like a toy [video 1]

3. You stay still, waiting for a teammate

4. A wild teammate appears

5. He gets behind you and hits the taunt key

6. Starts turning the key

7. about 3 times [540 degrees]

 8. You start walking like a toy [video 2]
I was thinking if an enemy manages to get behind you instead. He could also hit the taunt key, and he would turn it either way too much, causing you to walk/jitter fast and then blow up. Or yank out the key and stab you in the back of the head with it. [you die either way]

The key would be tweaked a bit for some of the classes to prevent clipping. [ex. pyro/medic, goes in the lower back]


Oh also, you get to keep your hat on since this goes in one of the misc. slots.


It Starts (please read the title with a British accent)

Oh hai,

Thanks for visiting. I'm starting this blog to showcase some of my work. Hoping this will lead to a career in the CG/video game industry. Maybe this blog will force me to produce more work and update it on a regular basis.

I'll probably make an about page and put more stuff in there.