New TF2 Item "Hat Catcher Hat"

Box + Branch = Trap

Workshop link here

The model is about 326 polys, there is room for a rope maybe, I was also thinking for bait:
1. Picture of a hat rack taped to heavy's head
2. Actual mini hat rack resting on his head (could actually be its own hat/model)
3. Min hat rack dangling from a hole inside the box (tied to a rope)
I don't know, maybe the whole thing is just overkill. I was trying to go for the funnies. (hope it made a couple of people laugh)
If there is ever any interest I could improve the texture and add crap like "this side up" or a glass/recycling, next day shipping pictures/stickers etc.
Still don't know what I'm doing btw. Materials show up pretty weird in the viewer. The material type doesn't work, defaults on metal. I still can't get team textures to work. Editing qc file or the vmt does nothing. I have to look into hit boxes and the measurements in blender, they've all been wrong so far.



You have seen too much.

Regular tin foil hat.
Stop them evil mind rays.

Needed to start modeling again. Just wanted to get it out of my system, the next few items will be much more original and funnier.(I promise)

Still doing the "fast modeling sessions", want to train myself for a studio environment, although it would be nice to have more than a couple of hours for an item. This is of course no excuse for producing crappy work, so the embarrassment alone will force me to push myself harder.

Workshop link here