Who said you cannot teach a crab to walk straight?



I hope the Aristophanes reference isn't too abstract. The title of the book is "Peace" which was one of his plays. Also the obvious War/Peace conflict/contrast. And his quote "You cannot teach a crab to walk straight."
I wast originally going to put "The Art of War" or just "War" but I've heard Valves re-textures stuff if they don't like it. [that was my excuse for not burning enough calories during texturing and the fact that I don't want to even look at PS or Illustrator when I come home after work]

As far as the model/rig, there are some minor clipping issues with the bookmarks. If there is ever any interest, I can fix it then. I learned that the angle_constraint does not let you do a lower limit, just a positive value.

As far as physics, the books look like they defy gravity in some poses. I was thinking if there was a way to reverse the gravity affect on the first bone (book1), and set it to rotate the opposite way every time, so the books always look like they're balanced. Currently the 1st book isn't moving.

Also some clipping with the hands (ex. Run_Loser) don't know what to do. I think it happens with other hats too. And during Crab walk.

Misc. stuff

I still need to find a good screen capture software. The "Model Viewer" was acting weird when I was trying to record, or take a screenshot. The physics would reset every time I would start records, same issue with "Record [demoname]. I need to look into that.

One last thing, since I still have not idea what I'm doing, the hit box is completely wrong and the model doesn't fall off of the character when he dies. I need to look into those things... Still experimenting with values and commands.

I really want to get to a point where I know enough so that I can add things like: $after_death_books_fall_on_the_ground_and_open_to_a_page_with_a_picture_of_Saxton_Hale