New Item "Friendship heart Pin"



 Don't know if anyone reads these. So I'll just put them at the end from now on. The item moves when you are running/jumping etc. but it isn't that noticeable since it's a 20 degree pitch so it might as well be static (up to Valve/Community)

It's kind of ironic since I hate doing low ploy stuff, yet every item I've done is pretty low poly. I just don't like the limitation, and sacrificing art/your vision due to technological limitations. I understand that not everyone can upgrade every 6 months and the whole point is to see people have fun and bring joy to them as a gaming company. Oh well, we'll see what those Euclideons from Australia come up with.

I guess that's it, the main thing about this item is the "Can not be purchased for self" trait. So if you are foreveralone, you can never have this.

Workshop link here