Booboo pack

oh hai,

Just made a mini pack. Balloon+Bandaid+Lollipop/pinwheel

-Slowly realizing what is going on with VMTs, groups and hit boxes...this is good.
-I still refuse to burn any calories on lods until I find a "suggested lod chart" from Valve that says something like lod1=75% lod2=60% (of original, or an actual count)...
Besides these ones are pretty low poly. (and you should have a powerful pc)

I'm 'kinda' happy with the rope physics, needs more tweaking and an extra bone + adjustments.
The pinwheel slowly spins + extra bone for ...jiggle, very subtle.

Seems like all the physics stop working the second I start to record anything. No solution yet.
The balloon looks weird after landing or punching, not sure if the attack could be changed to a straight punch, or disabled completely. The balloon looks good in some areas and bad in others, still no idea which VMT settings are mandatory vs. optional..but got the gist.

Overall it was a fun little project, learning more and more with each one.
Was planning to do a couple of flash animations for possible taunts (for fun) but got mad after the bones/physics stopped working w/the video capture. (I might bust out my flip next time)
It was going to be the heavy licking the lollipop while making a loud obnoxious "LAAAHHHHHH" sound and shaking/twitching. And the other one was gonna be him letting go of the balloon and changing his expression form happy to a scary death stare.

Also some lines I REALLY wanted to "perform", and test my mic, but it's way too late to record anything at this hour : (
I'll just leave them here:

Custom medic call: (baby like, sad/almost crying voice)
Doctor! I got booboo. 
Doctor! They did booboo. 

When going up against enemy/after kills:
You did booboo, I return favor.
You did booboo, now you go mimiz.
You gave me booboo, I give you bullets.
Tiny booboo for your life*, I take deal.
(*lives if multiple enemies are killed)

That is all
Thank you for reading and oh yea, thanks for the positive Jar Jitsu feedback. Got my first ever fan mail, definitely saving that one. :)