New TF2 Item "Hat Catcher Hat"

Box + Branch = Trap

Workshop link here

The model is about 326 polys, there is room for a rope maybe, I was also thinking for bait:
1. Picture of a hat rack taped to heavy's head
2. Actual mini hat rack resting on his head (could actually be its own hat/model)
3. Min hat rack dangling from a hole inside the box (tied to a rope)
I don't know, maybe the whole thing is just overkill. I was trying to go for the funnies. (hope it made a couple of people laugh)
If there is ever any interest I could improve the texture and add crap like "this side up" or a glass/recycling, next day shipping pictures/stickers etc.
Still don't know what I'm doing btw. Materials show up pretty weird in the viewer. The material type doesn't work, defaults on metal. I still can't get team textures to work. Editing qc file or the vmt does nothing. I have to look into hit boxes and the measurements in blender, they've all been wrong so far.