So...I promised myself to never include any personal bs posts, or anything that might be perceived as "unprofessional" but I have to vent a little...

So I have tons of personal projects that desperately need my attention, but after putting in 8-9 hours at work every day, and sitting in traffic for another 30-40 min. by the time I get home, there is barely any time to do anything.

I have to sacrifice some of these things:

-playing TF2 (which I love)
-cooking (so I can eat healthy and avoid junk-food)
-working out (since I sit at work all day long)
-making TF2 items (tons of fun, plus I have a gzillion ideas)
-working on personal shorts (this is a 1-2 year process at the very least...full time)
-learning and improving as an artist

I understand that it's all about priorities, but all these things are connected. I know right about now, this is starting to sound like a first world problem. But I can't believe we're so weak that we need to sleep every single day...I have tried those different sleep for x hours/min. wake up, take a power nap, wake up, go to sleep...but after the first week I was so weak and exhausted that I wasted more time recovering. Plus, it's extremely impractical and unrealistic.

I really really wish that I was able to draw 10 hours a day, or write, or model but...
I am however, trying to take every other Friday off from work, so I can have a long weekend and accomplish something.

What sucks, is that it seems like no one cares about anything these days. There is so much content out there, and all people want to do is consume consume consume. No one wants to listen to anyone, or "stop and smell the flowers" as they say. It's just m0ar m0ar m0ar....and, what's the next big thing.

...and yes, I know that I'm not sitting in traffic, that I AM traffic. But what am I supposed to do?
Pretty lost right now...which is actually a lot better than being depressed. : )