Egg + Cucumber

Please click and drag to view/rotate the models below.

There exists a Valve flex animation library somewhere that I'm not sure was made public, but that's probably what I need to actually make these items actually work in game.
I really really should not be saying this, but I will. Although TF2 is one of the 'funnest' games I have ever played in my life, and Valve is pretty much one of the, if not the best company there is. Not only because they produce top top content, but because 'they get it' and have pushed the envelope so much and single handedly revolutionized the gaming industry, and most importantly are innovator, don't poop out the same FPS year after year. (ok here it goes) I can not believe that there are sooo many clipping issues, even when it comes to vanilla/stock weapons and items in game. For workshop items, I can understand (just a bit) but everything else is just unacceptable. Again, yes, it was a mod, and it is now free to play, so you don't get to complain, but... I will just leave it at that.

So the actual issue I'm talking about in particular, is the items not moving with facial 'flex' animations. Just like the "Snapped Pupil" which is already in game, and when the eyebrow/forehead moves, the "snapped pupil" does not.

I'm not sure if it would actually be worth it to do this, not even really sure how many 'poses' there are. Anyways, thanks for reading. I promise the next post will be rant free and it will be the coolest item I have made to date. I can't wait to show it to you guys/gals.
I just wanted to get these mini items out of the way first.