Idear Man

My version of the idea lamp. I know there are a lot of good ones already, just wanted to get this out of my system. (made 7 months ago, skyrim+depression kept me from uploading it) Here you go:

Workshop link here


-Only used 998 polys (limit is 1000)
-The rungs used up 144 but it can be optimized. If I just make a dodecagon, it'll only cost 24 polys, and I'd do a transparent/twosided texture on it, faking the rungs.
 -If there is any interest in this, I'll do a blue skin (with black spots for the hamster)
-The wires need to be more prominent, I had "curled wires" in my concept, but didn't go w/that due to poly count limit.
-additional styles could be 1. Robot Hamster (re-skin) 2. Zombie Hamster (re-skin) 3. Hovering balloonicorn (takes you to pyroland)
-Thought about a transparent light bulb, poly count limit kept me from doing anything with it. But I think a glowing filament w/clear glass would look much better.
-also the whole thing could be a bit bigger I guess...
-oh and I should be shot for only using 6 bones for the hamster, haven't found any guidelines for bones/bone limit.
-again, didn't bother w/lods much, read below;

-Valve please make a nice chart showing recommended lods (ex. each lod should be X% of the lod before it)
-Texture size limits and poly limit say 800 and 256 on one page, and 1000 and 512 on another page, yet there are items in game that break these rules.