I completely forgot I had this page

Last post before I delete everything and start over.

Current life plans:

Find Love *****
Make that Feature Fam ***** (5 year plan)
Continue going to work to make that bread*
Buy Sneakers/Lids ***
Six-pack **
Sustenance *
Make 1st 30 sec short ***** (6 month plan)
Start on 2nd short 2-3 min **** (start within a year)
3rd short (Team+Pipeline should be solid at this point) *** 2 year plan
2 more shorts *** (Year 3 and 4)
Go back to Chipotle as soon as the e. coli thing is over ****

Level of importance:
* Meh
** Taco Bell Mild
**** Very Important
***** Ball Is Life

So, the only one I don't have any control over is love. Everything else should be possible. I've been studying indie teams/projects for the past 4 years and there is one big difference between how I'm going to do it and how these teams have done it. Teamwork and funding. Well I guess that was 2...

There are 2 routes they usually take: 
Either the creator tries to do everything himself/herself. (Writing, concept art, character design, environment art, storyboarding, modeling, rigging, texturing, animating, running simulations, doing particle effects, coding, lighting, sound effects, music, render, post etc.)
Or, they work with a team which consists of their buddies or people they know from the industry.

The problems with these 2 models are:
1. If you're trying to do everything yourself, it will take much longer and the quality will suffer.
2. With a team of volunteers, you have to settle for whoever is free or willing to do it "for the love" 
I believe this is the main reason these types of projects take years and years to finish.

The 3rd model, which I'm currently trying to use to get my project off the ground:
1. Hire the Best
2. Self Fund

The biggest obstacle so far has been putting a team together. I guess it's the trust factor. You want to ensure everyone that they'll have a quality product in their hands once the project is finished.
Fortunately, I've secured a couple of amazing people, just a few more to go.

Happy 2016
Where are my flying cars darn it